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About our

K.M. Ravi established N.tex in 1989, and we supply branded, high-quality suits, shirts, and pants throughout our community.

Men's suits and shirts can be measured by us professionally and comprehensively. Irrespective of the occasion or event, we can furnish the measurements required to ensure you are properly attired for your wedding. We insist on using only the finest materials from around the world-starting from our machinery down to the minutest design detail. Our fabrics are sourced from the finest mills around the world.

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Our team of experts will go over the fabrics, design details and customization, while keeping you abreast with the latest trends.


Our highly skilled masters are equipped to help you find your perfect fit. Rest assured, you’ll have a beautifully tailored suit.


Your special day calls for a Made-to-Measure suit. Our team of experts will go over every detail of your wedding plans and help you design the


You may not be the groom but this is an equally important day for you. Look your best in a custom-made suit, bandhgala, bundy or tuxedo from the Tailorman collection.